Today, I am going to tell you how to make a “push”.

First, fold a piece of square paper in half. The top to the bottom. Then fold it from left to right. Then repeat the instructions again. You should get a little square.

Write push on the front of it and draw a button. After that, you open it up so there would be four squares. Put numbers on the squares from one to four. State them as different things like friends and enemies. Open it up so there would be eight squares. Write a color down on each of the squares. Open it one last time. Write boys you know on one side and girls on the other.

How it works: The person that wants to play would press push. Choose boy or girl. Don’t let them see what the numbers mean, just ask them:”One, two, three, or four?” First you choose the gender, then the number, then the color, and finally it’s reading the person you chose depending on the imformation you chose. And, that person which is chosen by you will be known as your friend.






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