Today we had a lot of fun in gym. Because we ran around. It was really fun.

So the teacher gives us numbers. I got 2. All the people who got the same numbers line up.Then the person at the front runs one lap. Once he gets back the next person goes. This continues until every person in the group ran. The group that finishes first is the winner.

Also, once we had to run  two laps, and the we do it again. This is actually really easy, since we can rest between the first time and the last. But, it’s still fun.

And guess what? Once we ran four laps in a roll! It was vey tiring, but I still liked it. I mean, who cares if it’s a long way? It’s still awesome!

Next time, we are doing the Beep test. You run from one side of the gym to the other, before there is a beep.If you didn’t make it and didn;t make it again, you are finished. I wonder how long I can run for.







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