My X-Box 1!

          Okay. So this was like 2 and a half years ago. So what? So one day I woke up( it was the weekend) from an afternoon nap. And right after I made my bed my dad called me from downstairs. I asked him what was the matter and he replied:” … More My X-Box 1!

Today we had a lot of fun in gym. Because we ran around. It was really fun. So the teacher gives us numbers. I got 2. All the people who got the same numbers line up.Then the person at the front runs one lap. Once he gets back the next person goes. This continues until … More

今天,我玩了一个游戏,叫苹果到苹果。是一个卡片游戏。 有红苹果和绿苹果卡片。红苹果卡片是说人物,事件和动作,比如说老虎,晚餐和打喷嚏。绿苹果卡片就不同了。绿苹果是描述,比如说开心和难过。 说了这么多,到底怎么玩这个游戏呢?我来告诉大家吧。第一,把所有的绿苹果卡都给一个人。那个人不会得到任何红苹果卡片。接下来,把红苹果卡片平均分好。绿苹果卡片的人先出一张卡片其他人个选一张对应的卡片。出绿苹果卡片的人选与描述最像的卡片。出那张卡片的人得绿苹果卡片。最后有绿苹果卡片最多的人就是这个游戏的赢家。 我今天玩的很开心。我是第二名,我得到了7张绿苹果卡片。你得到了几张呢? Today, I played a game called apples to apples. It’s a card game. There are red apple cards and green apple cards. The red ones are characters, events, and actions, like tigers, dinner and sneezing. The green apple is diferent, though. It’s a description, like happy or sad. Okay, right now … More

Today, I am going to tell you how to make a “push”. First, fold a piece of square paper in half. The top to the bottom. Then fold it from left to right. Then repeat the instructions again. You should get a little square. Write push on the front of it and draw a button. After … More

Today the most fun period was science. Because of the one and only reason: we watched videos. Okay, one of the videos was actually a cartoon show for little kids. To be honest, it was actually really funny because of how weird it was. I’ll give you 4 reasons why. 1. There was a hippo … More

Today we had the twelve-minute run in gym. It was so fun! So, what happens is, you find a partner, and you sit on the outside of the circle. One of you run first. You run around the gym for twelve minutes. Your partner counts how much laps you ran. Some people, got around a lot … More

Today, you will choose the proper ending. If you get it right, you get 100 points. Starting: Today we had Ipads. We went on Dreambox and… Choice#1:I logged in. The password wasn’t correct. Oh, must have been a capital, I thought. Nope. But, I did get logged in… ten minutes later. I wasted all my money on … More

Today was very awesome because of the experiment we did. So we had a cup, and there was some stuff in it. Then we put some plastic on it. We drew what we saw in the cup. Then we poured water on the plastic, then we drew what we saw again. Before: it looked very … More

Today my favourite “period” was fifth period. I’ll explain that to you in a minute. We had an assembly, but all we did was dance. I’ll tell you what happened: We lined up at the door. We left the classroom and went to the gym. We sat down.  We listened to the teacher about what … More